Mixtoernooi 26 juni AVVA-leden

Beste (beach)volleyballers! Het seizoen is bijna ten einde, de laatste training is in zicht.. Maar… we sluiten dit sportieve seizoen natuurlijk gezellig met elkaar af. Op zaterdag 20 juni hebben we het jaarlijkse beachvolleybaltoernooi op de Loswal in Ameide. Er hebben zich veel teams opgegeven, maar er is nog plaats voor een aantal teams op […]

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We know now that only one third of those who should receive it actually get it. It can be given along with the flu vaccine. This is why students in classrooms and military recruits in barracks are so susceptible. White cotton blouses are best washed with full detergent, since it contains bleaches in small amounts […]

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INSIDE THE NUMBERS: With two steals against Maryland nfl jerseys nfl jerseys, Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes became the league’s career active leader in steals with 131. The senior and three year starter was also the Big Ten’s active career leader in points and rebounds entering play this week. Northwestern’s Bryant McIntosh entered the week with 515 […]

AVVA jeugdbeachvolleybaltoernooi

Op woensdagavond 24 juni 2015 is het weer zover: Het AVVA beachvolleybal-toernooi voor de jeugd! Vanaf cmv-5 t/m de A-jeugd. Om 18:30uur zal het toernooi op de Loswal beginnen! Opgeven hoeft niet. Vanaf 18:15uur kun je je gewoon melden op het beachvolleybalveld…

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Have students try this a few times and then tell them to pair up. Inform them that muscle endurance activities will be added slowly to their already established muscle strength (weight lifting) routine. Tell students to ask their partners what muscles are being used during their weight lifting and endurance routine, referring to their muscle […]

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret MeadI agree with Heather in that having high expectations and being optimistic about your future life is great. dildos Being 100% silicone, cleaning is pretty straight forward; toy cleaners, hot water […]

Poule indeling + bestuursvergadering

Op de website van de Nevobo is sinds begin deze week de conceptversie van de poule-indeling en het bijbehorende programma gepubliceerd. Voor de AVVA teams is dit hier terug te vinden. Let op! Er zullen zeker nog wijzigingen in het programma plaats vinden dus wees nog niet te voortvarend met het plannen van je uitjes en/of […]

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1528: Matt Crampton leads out Chris Hoy as they approach the final lap of the keirin but Shane Perkins pulls through the middle of the British pair and takes the lead. Hoy is having to go around the outside to try and pull Perkins back but he’s not got the horse power and the Australian […]