AVVA schrijft historie en promoveert naar de 2de divisie.

Na een domper op 15 april waar AVVA Heren 1 de kampioenswedstrid verloor voor eigen publiek, wisten de heren zich te hergroeperen en uit te rukken naar Horst om de promotie/degradatie wedstrijden te spelen. Na een lange reis, een kopje koffie en de heerlijke pastasalade van Arjan van den Berg mochten we eindelijk beginnen. De […]

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The police involved in these incidents had to make split second decisions. NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher has supported the officers involved in the Kings Cross shooting. Had seconds to make a decision, but now we want to look at life as if it’s slow motion and it doesn’t work that way,” he said.. wholesale […]

Joked if anyone had any free agency questions

From the hanging position, use your shoulders nfl jerseys, back and core to pull your body totally straight from the perpendicular position up to a position parallel to the floor. If you can reach this position cheap jerseys, hold it for as long as you can. To work your way up to this position, start […]

4: Now, these terms and football related jargon is obviously

Montreal style bagels are known for their smaller size (read: larger hole) and sweeter taste, thanks to the honey water in which they are boiled and the wood fired ovens in which they’re baked. They’ve long been going head to head with New York bagels which are, in contrast, made with salt and malt and […]

By Friday morning, the city was in the middle of an ice storm

“We didn’t play well wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys, but give (Indiana) credit,” Kansas coach Bill Self said. “Their guards really got in the lane when they wanted to and then we had to play out of foul trouble and then we had to play small too often. We competed hard down the stretch, but physically […]

And protectionism is not the answer

On April 24, Dinesh Chandimal played a sweep shot in a practice match in Pallekele. It shouldn’t have made the news, but that sweep went straight into the back of Kaushal Silva’s head. He was taken to a hospital in Kandy cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys, before being airlifted to a hospital in Colombo. […]

Fleshlights are for men! Just masturbate and enjoy! Lol

The control pack has two buttons. One is an ‘on’ button that also increases the vibration speed. The other is an ‘off’ button the decreases the vibrations. The first time I wore it I did so by myself, if there was a problem I did not want the wife there to freak out, ya know? […]

Blood clots can form in your legs

My dad loves steak and meadium rare burgers and our family would just eat meat and a side vegetable for years. Then recently I got sick of the meat when my dad cut out carbohydrates from his diet. McDonalds. I have the same issues, buddy. I 50, been married about 19 years now. Wife never […]

I hope all this doesn sound like a mansplaniation but men are

To get to my question, I have tried not to set any boundries up regarding public displays of affection. However I get very uncomfortable when I see my wife and her boyfriend being “lovey dovey”. Nothing overtly sexual but really connected. Thats not the say that no technicians are like this, but any tech worth […]

The clear plastic casing has some nice lettering styles on it

This Feature movie is high on art and scenery and plot line. It’s a movie to get interested in and watch over and over and not just for the sex. There is an actual storyline (albeit somewhat confusing at times) that takes us to some dark places. Haven worn a dress shirt apart from for […]